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About the
National Alumni Society

The University of the District of Columbia National Alumni Society, Inc. (UDCNAS) was established on November 13th 2002 to keep alumni connected to the history and traditions of their beloved alma mater. The primary mission of the UDCNSA is to:

UDCNAS and the Office of Alumni Relations lead the university’s efforts to strengthen and promote an invested alumni community that inspires lifelong loyalty and advances at UDC.


Enhance and support the continued existence of the University of the District of Columbia (UDC) by: 

Serving as a strong advocate for resources for the University of the District of Columbia at the state and federal level

Raising and giving funds to the University of the District of Columbia that will support its programs, through membership in the Society

Being a mentor to current students and always set a positive example

Maintain a close relationship among the UDC Alumni, including predecessor institutions

Support all alumni in their goals and business establishments

Doing those things that perpetuate a positive image of the Society and the University

And influencing communities and governmental activities that will support the University’s priorities 

Recruiting students that will attend the University and its goals

Recruiting alumni and others that will support its programs

Advance the cause of education

Establish a mutually beneficial relationship between the University of the District of Columbia and the National Alumni Society, Inc.

Financially aid students who wish to attend the University of the District of Columbia

To financially aid the University of the District of Columbia



Staff UDC-01.png

Bernard M. Grayson Jr. 

UDC Class of 2005

Flame 2-01.png
Staff UDC-03.png

Vice President At-Large
Donna E. Davis 
UDC Class of 1986

Cashana Morrison-Scholarships Chair-UDC Class 2018.jpeg

Regional Vice President
Dr. Cashana Morrison
UDC Class of 2008

Jamie Brown-Corresponding Secretary-Class 2004 2007.jpg

Recording Secretary
Jamie Brown
UDC Class of 2007

Monica Green-Finanical Secretary-Class 2002, 2006, 2008 .jpg

Financial Secretary
Monica Green
UDC Class of 2008

Staff UDC-05.png

Frank Jenkins, EdD
DCTC Class of 1970

Staff UDC-04.png

Corresponding Secretary
Elizabeth Hall
UDC Class of 1998

Staff UDC-06.png

Joyce L.N. Nixon
DCTC Class of 1974

Committee Chairs

Alexis Washington-Annual Fund Raising Chair-UDC 2019.jpg
Annual Fund Raising:
Alexandra Washington
Shaun F. Garrison-Strategic Partnerships & Sponsorships-UDC Class of 2005.jpg
Strategic Partnerships & Sponsorships*:
Shaun F. Garrison 
Keith Johnson-Alumni Asset Committee Chair-Class 1997.jpg
Alumni Assets:
Keith Johnson 
UDC Class of 1997
Jennifer Burton-Class Reunion Chair-UDC 2021.jpg
Class Reunion:
Jennifer Burton 
Deniece Clifford-Homecoming Chair-Class 2018.jpg
Denise Clifford
UDC Class of 2008
Kelita Boyd-Membership CoChair- UDC Class 2009.jpg
Kelita Boyd 
Staff UDC-05.png
Finance & Budget:
Frank Jenkins
UDC Class of 1970
Tara Johnson-Finance and Budget CoChair-UDC Class 2004.jpg
Finance & Budget:
Tara Johnson 
UDC Class of 2004
William Kellibrew-Audit-Class 2015 2-01.png
William Killebrew 
UDC Class of 2015
Gina Walton-Bylaws Rules Legislative CoChair-D A Clark Law School Class 2002.jpg
Bylaws & Rules/Legislative:
Gina Walton 
Natasha Bennet, Esq.-Bylaws and Legislation Co-Chair-Class 2013, 2016, 2018.jpg
Bylaws & Rules/Legislative:
Natasha Bennett, Esq.
UDC Class of 2018
Georgette Joy Johnson-Publications Chair-UDC Class 2013.jpg
Georgette Johnson
UDC Class of 2013
Cashana Morrison-Scholarships Chair-UDC Class 2018.jpeg
Dr. Cashana Morrison
UDC Class of 2008
Selvon Waldron-UDC and Predecessors Institution History.jpg
UDC & Predecessors Institution History*:
Selvon Waldron
UDC Class of 2008
Roman Turner -Volunteer Recruitment and Outreach-Class 2012.jpg
Volunteer Recruitment & Outreach*:
Roman Turner 
UDC Class of 2012
Lachelle Harrison-20th Anniversary Gala-Class 2012.jpg
20th Anniversary
Gala Chair

Lachelle Harrison
UDC Class of 2012
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